Topco EDI Policy – Vendor Invoicing

Topco EDITopco EDI program supposes that all vendors doing business with Topco Associates LLC (Topco) must be able to transmit an invoice electronically (via EDI). Each vendor, when notified, will be given a timeframe within which each vendor will be expected to become EDI compliant with Topco Electronic Data Interchange program. Should a vendor not send Topco EDI invoices electronically after their compliance deadline, a $92.00 assessment will be applied against each invoice to help offset the cost of manual processing.

Topco EDI Standards

Topco uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as an integral business tool to increase customer satisfaction. The data interchange standard used by Topco are UCS and X12. Topco uses AS2 (Internet protocol for EDI) or a value-added network (VAN) to communicate with partners.

EDI Documents Acknowledgement

Transmission of vendor EDI invoices will be acknowledged according to standard EDI guidelines. The 997 acknowledgement will be used. It is the vendor’s responsibility to verify Topco has acknowledged transmissions and take appropriate action if the expected acknowledgements are not received within 24 hours.

Topco EDI Invoices

Should Topco agree to accept a vendor’s invoices via EDI, the following conditions apply:

  • The invoices must meet the requirements as defined by Topco (refer to Topco EDI Invoice Mapping section).
  • Once in production mode, invoices will only be received via EDI. Paper invoices will not be processed. The vendor may incur a non-compliance assessment of $92.00 per paper invoice received by Topco.
  • Topco’s purchase order number on the invoice and the purchase order must match.
  • Vendor must communicate to Topco any invoice DUNS number or address change within 30 days of the change.
  • Invalid EDI invoice data could result in an additional assessment.

To become a Topco vendor, one should contact us at 888-423-0139 or, and Topco EDI team will direct you to the appropriate person.

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