Topco EDI Production

Topco EDI Production Procedures

Topco EDI Production notes given below will be helpful in completing Topco EDI trading partner setup. Testing Topco EDI Production methods with new EDI partners does not use test systems or data. The notes are given for details of the parallel production procedure.

Topco EDI Production (Parallel Production) Transactions

Instead of sending test transactions, Topco sends and receives Topco EDI Production orders and invoices in parallel with faxed hard copies. Parallel transactions are issued from and received into Topco’s production systems. Vendors should send ONLY production data to Topco’s production ID (as shown in the mapping documentation). Hard Copies POs will continue to be faxed or emailed to the current customer service or order processing contact. Invoices should continue to be faxed or mailed to Topco Accounts Payable as they are currently being handled.

Parallel POs

After Topco has confirmed that you are in parallel, the next order placed will be sent via EDI and fax or email. EDI POs are generated as they are entered by the Topco buying group. Because these are live orders, the Topco EDI department will not know the exact timing of the first EDI PO.

Order Status Code

If you are a Topco vendor receiving 875 Purchase Orders, the 875 order status code in the G5001 will be ‘C’ for Confirmation while you are in parallel; when you are moved to production, this will change to ‘N’ for Original (live).

Parallel Invoice Processing

Invoices should be sent via EDI and mail, fax, or email (Fax #847-647-8509 or 847-676-5695, email As part of the parallel process, your EDI invoice will be processed as a live, production document, subject to all checks and edits in the EDI and accounts payable systems to identify any errors that need to be corrected. During the parallel period, the hard copy is used by accounts payable for comparison, and will be processed manually in the event the EDI invoice fails.

997 Functional Acknowledgments

Topco requires a 997 functional acknowledgment within 24 hours of transmission. Please note that this requirement is in effect during the parallel phase, beginning with the first parallel document. When both parties agree that documents are being successfully transmitted and processed, the hard copy documents will be eliminated and you will be considered to be in full production. Purchase orders and invoices may be moved from parallel to full production separately.

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