Town Shoes EDI Connections

Town Shoes EDI Connections Requirements

Town Shoes EDI Connections  require that Town Shoes obtains the correct EDI ID (Alias) information from vendor. Town Shoes will match the account being used by Town Shoes with your Alias so that document flow can be successful. Please update the Connection Details section on the Spice Portal Dashboard as needed. The Town Shoes EDI team (Spice Technical Team) will contact you with further configuration details depending on what method of communication you choose.

VAN Connection Type

SPICE will register your company’s EDI Aliases with its VAN provider. Vendor should provide Town Shoes EDI team with the ISA, GS, and Qualifier of vendor production and test Aliases. Similarly, vendor must register Town Shoes Aliases with vendor VAN provider.

Town Shoes EDI ID:

  • Qualifier – ZZ
  • VAN – HPMFT (formerly EDS*ELIT)

Additional fees may apply per your agreement with SPICE

FTP (encrypted) Connection Type

The two options for secure data exchange, using SSL or SSH for encryption:

a) SPICE will be the server and your FTP server is the client. Town Shoes will send you a set of credentials (login-id and password, directories) and you poll its server regularly for files.
b) SPICE will be the client and will poll your FTP server, using the credentials and directories you send to us.

There are no additional costs for this method of data exchange.

AS2 Connection Type

Town Shoes AS2 server will be configured with vendor trading partner ID and encryption certificate. You must configure your AS2 server with Town Shoes trading partner and certificate. There are additional annual and monthly licensing fees for using the AS2 communication process. One license fee is required per connection. If you require more than one connection (i.e.: for a test account) there will be additional fees. Please contact your SPICE Account Manager or Billing for details.

Vendors need to submit their Shipping Label directly to the Town Shoes’ warehouse, NLS for approval. There is a MH10 Label Guide on the SPICE Portal for reference.

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