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Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal Operation Guidelines

Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal data exchange testing is done by vendor in a “self-service” environment using the SPICE Connect Compliance Portal for Town Shoes. Town Shoes EDI Vendor Portal compliancy testing is web based. Test files can be found and edited under the compliancy section on the SPICE Compliance Portal along with the most current file guides. If you have received older guides from us, please check the Compliance Portal to ensure that you are working with the most current version of the EDI Implementation Guides.

Catalogue Submission and Testing

Another important aspect of the On-Boarding process is SPICE receiving your 832 catalogue. This file can be sent at any time during the testing phase after the communication details have been captured. If you choose to use the NPLS Web upload please refer to the Appendix of this document to review the NPLS format.

As Town Shoes has a time sensitive internal process of matching your barcodes to their SKUs, the sooner the catalogue is submitted, the faster Town Shoes can finish their side of the process. Town Shoes is unable to send a live purchase order until this has taken place successfully. An EDI 832 catalogue guide is available on the Spice Connect Compliance Portal. It will help you structure your catalogue file with Town Shoes’ mandatory fields. If your company uses a third party to host your catalogue, please reach out to your provider and instruct them to transmit your EDI 832 to SPICE on your behalf.

Please note that it is solely your responsibility to have your 3rd party provide the automated 832 in the guidelines issued by Town Shoes.

EDI 832 transmissions must be fully automated. Neither Town Shoes nor SPICE representatives will download your catalogue files manually from any catalogue site.

Some Traditional X.12 EDI Trading Partners may experience difficulties in generating and transmitting an EDI 832 file. If this is the case with you, please utilize the web-based NPLS application to upload your catalogue. The following LIN segment fields are mandatory but please see the most current 832 guide for further details and other mandatory fields:

  • Vendor Barcode
  • Barcode Type
  • Vendor Style Name and/or Vendor Style Number
  • Dimension
  • Colour
  • Size (North American sizing).

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