Town Shoes EDI

Town Shoes EDI Project Description And Guidelines

Town Shoes EDI project helps vendoring companies to exchange electronic data with Town Shoes. Current Town Shoes EDI project scope is Catalogue Update (832) from vendor, Purchase Order (850) and Purchase Order Change (860) from Town Shoes, Advanced Shipping Notice (856) from vendor. If you are unable to send an automated 832 Catalogue file, you may utilize the web-based NPLS application referenced below to manually upload your catalogue as a .xlsx file.

There is an extra cost for web based upload, please speak to your SPICE Account Manager to add this feature.

On the SPICE Connect Portal, you will process Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Changes and Advance Shipping Notices.

NPLS (New Product Listing System) – This tool will allow for your product catalogue to be loaded and for Town Shoes to match your products to their ERP record to ensure your barcode is part of product records.

The timely submission and loading of your catalogue by you, and Town Shoes’ matching of your products to initialize barcodes in Town Shoes’ system is critical to the success of your EDI onboarding. All EDI documents rely on barcodes as primary product identifier. Please notify Town Shoes immediately if you are unable to comply with this requirement. The following checklist provides a quick guide for the overall process for EDI Setup with Town Shoes.

  • New Trading Partner signs up with Town Shoes (Vendor Agreement completed)
  • SPICE sends EDI Agreement to Trading Partner
  • Trading Partner Signs EDI agreement and pays SPICE
  • Trading Partner emails this completed EDI On-Boarding Manual to
  • SPICE Connect login credentials emailed to Trading Partner
  • Trading Partner sends Catalogue Data to SPICE (832 or NPLS Web upload per selected choice)
  • Final Steps:
    • X.12 vendors: Filling out Connection Details on the Portal, Document Compliance Testing and Go-Live approval from Town Shoes
    • Web vendors: Go-Live and wait for Purchase Order (PO).

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