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TR3 Healthcare Implementation Guides (TR3 – Technical Report Type 3)

TR3 Healthcare means Technical Report Type 3 used in health care electronic data interchange. The ANSI X12 Accredited standards committee has a subcommittee X12N. This commettee is responsible for developing EDI standards for the Health Care Industry. The Health care industry standards are published as implementation guides (IGs). They are available from purchase from the Washington Publishing Company.

Since the mid-90’s, ASC X12N has been publishing EDI Implementation Guides (IGs) based on the X12 standard transaction sets. A new type of X12 Technical Report was recently established: TR3 Healthcare – Technical Report Type 3, or simply TR3. Conceptually a TR3 is an implementation guide. But in this case, these publications are official output of the entire X12 committee, not just X12N. In addition X12C and X12F have begun to develop TR3 Healthcare. Since 5010 Implementation the health care industry tends to refer to these implementation guides as TR3 Healthcare.

Where To Get TR3s

TR3 Healthcare or also-known-as HIPAA Implementation Guides are the ultimate reference manuals for the EDI standards in the Health Care Industry. These guides have enormous amount of information for each of the 9 Health Care Transactions. EDI Academy strongly recommends that users master these guides for each transaction that they plan to work with.

These guides can be purchased online from the WPC website: You can purchase these guides individually (e.g. 837 only) or you can buy a consolidated version of these guides that have references for all 9 Health Care EDI Transactions. ANSI X12 Members receive a discount of up to 70% off on purchases of these guides. EDI Academy recommends the purchase of the consolidated and original product since applicable errata is incorporated.

How To Use TR3s

When viewing TR3 Healthcare you view them one transaction in a PDF document or bound book at a time. In some cases for request/response transactions such as the 270/271 or 276/277 you view multiple transactions in a PDF document or a bound book. Each of these TR3s have a lot of front matter. It explains a lot of details about the purpose of the transaction and the business usage. EDI Academy strongly recommends that the users read the front matter information.

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