HIPAA training

Who should track HIPAA changes in order to provide employee training? 

Usually, Privacy and Security Officers assess whether HIPAA training is required. To do this, they should:

  • Regularly monitor HHS and state publications for notice of rule changes. 
  • Subscribe to a news feed or other official communication channel.
  • Conduct a risk assessment of new rules and guidelines to determine how they will affect the company’s operations.
  • Liaise with Practice Managers to receive advance notice of proposed changes and their impact on HIPAA compliance.
  • Liaise with IT managers to track the hardware or software upgrades that may have an impact on operations and HIPAA compliance.
  • Make regular risk assessments to identify how changes in policies or procedures may influence the risk of HIPAA violations.
  • Provide an annual refresher training program to reinforce the need to comply with HIPAA Rules.

Typically, in case of rules, guidelines, policies or procedures changes training needs to be provided to the employees whose roles will be affected by such changes.

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