Tractor Supply Company EDI FAQs

Tractor Supply Company EDI FAQs: common points regarding EDI drop ship program

Tractor Supply Company EDI FAQs will give you general view of all points connected to electronic data interchange program. This program is devoted to partners who have business relationship with Tractor Supply Company.

Tractor Supply Company EDI FAQs – Electronic Data Interchange

  • All drop ship accounts use AS2 communications.
  • All EDI documents should be sent to EDI ID 14/6120935509. The ISA15 should contain a T during testing and a P for production.
  • Tractor Supply Company has an optional EDI ID of ZZ/6120935509T if a separate test ID is needed. Please communicate this before testing begins.
  • The 855 is only processed for full order or line item rejections. Please do not send an 855 to accept Tractor Supply Company 850. Tractor Supply Company expects 997s within 48 hours.
  • The 855 PO1 elements 235 and 234 are not floating. The values need to be in the positions specified in the implementation guideline.
  • The 860 will be transmitted if TSC doesn’t receive an accepted 856 within 7 business days of the order being placed. Tractor Supply Company will not send the 860 without communicating with you first. Tractor Supply Company expect a 997 within 48 hours.
  • For LTL shipments, the carrier PRO # needs to be populated in the 856 REF*CN segment in the shipment HL loop. THIS IS MANDATORY.
  • For UPS shipment, the carrier tracking# needs to be populated in the 856 MAN segment in the package HL Loop.
  • The 856 HL Pack is mandatory even if it is an LTL shipment but you do not send the MAN segment. Please send an empty HL*P loop.
  • It is the vendor’s responsibility to check their 997 acknowledgement reports in a timely manner. Do not depend on Tractor Supply Company to manually notify you of EDI failures. TSC will send a detail level 997 for all rejections.
  • The 856 must be received the same day the shipment ships and before the 810 is transmitted.
  • TSC processes the 846 inventory feed twice a day, 5:15am CT and 9:15pm CT. Please plan your extract(s) accordingly. Tractor Supply Company expects an 846 at least once a day.
  • The 846 line item schedule date should be the current day. Tractor Supply Company does not allow back orders.

Tractor Supply Company EDI FAQs – Testing

  • All testing is performed in Tractor Supply Company test environment.
  • The EDI documents are tested in this order: 846, 850, 997, 855, 860, 997, 856 and 810.
  • Testing includes an 846 Inventory File sent by the vendor, four 850 Purchase Orders sent by TSC, four 997 Functional Acknowledgements sent by the vendor to acknowledge receipt of the 850 Purchase Orders, one 860 Purchase Order Cancellation sent by TSC, a 997 Functional Acknowledgement sent by the vendor to acknowledge receipt of the 860, an 855 Purchase Order Rejection sent by the vendor, three 856 Advanced Ship Notices and three 810 Invoices sent by the vendor.
  • TSC will send an email to begin the EDI testing with instructions for the Vendor to send the 846.
  • Once the 846 is received, TSC will send a meeting invitation for the EDI testing with a 2 week date range.
  • You have two weeks to complete testing once started. Please schedule your resources accordingly.
  • The 846 must include the three pre-agreed upon skus with a quantity of at least 10 and may contain your whole inventory.
  • The 850 test orders cannot be generated until Tractor Supply Company has successfully processed the 846 inventory file.
  • Once compliant 997s are received for the 850s and the 860, TSC will send an email to begin testing the 856s.
  • If the 856 is not received within 7 business days, the 850 test orders will be cancelled in Tractor Supply Company system and new 850 test orders will need to be created and sent.
  • Once the 856s are approved, TSC will send an email to begin testing the 810s. TSC has the 810s set to fail and you will receive a 997 rejecting it without reason. 810s will be accepted and processed once they are compliant. A 997 accepting the 810 it will be sent to the vendor. The 810 must contain the same Terms, UPC, TSC Sku, Vendor Item Number and Cost from the 850 or it will fail.
  • Testing results will be emailed after each received EDI transaction.

EDI integration may require much time and efforts to come out with properly working EDI processing system. Vendors who decided to start integration with Tractor Supply Company should consider all points influencing on succesfull EDI implementation. Teaching company EDI staff is one of the prior tasks for the company. EDI Academy, being an independent EDI education provider, invites you to visit EDI classes that take place in the USA and Canada.

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