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Transportation EDI Solutions: Cost Saving Approach

Transportation EDI solutions continue to prove that electronic messaging format worth its implementation. In general, the annual volume of all EDI transactions in the world business make more than 20 billion ones and this quantity continues to grow. If your company is connected to transportation of third-party logistics, you should think about the ways of shifting your business to EDI by one of the multiple transportation EDI solutions. If electronic data interchange is still unfamiliar to you, you can refer to our previous posts with general EDI information, or visit our seminars and learn about practical ways of integrating EDI into your company system.

Shippers or third-party logistics companies may benefit up to million dollars of annual savings using appropriate transportation EDI solutions. Besides financial benefit, there are many other impressive advantages EDI may bring to your business. If the company handles high volumes of transactions, electronic way of exchange may result in speeding up the process and decreasing of manual interruption.

Some researches prove that electronic data interchange may lower spending on paper processing, including printing materials, copying, storing, filling-in documents and sending them by postal service up to 35%. A purchase order processing in a large company will cost up to 3.5 times lower with electronic processing in comparison to its manual handling.

Many of us usually face such everyday fails like lost documents, incorrectly filled-in forms, misunderstandings between parties when handling documents processing etc. Transportation EDI solutions help to eliminate these everyday fails and save more time for strategic operations rather than papers processing. This also regard to staff quantity – you do not need a person who must fill in orders or be responsible for postal service. This worker may concentrate on more important business tasks like searching for new clients or improving marketing strategies in the company.

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