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Transportation EDI Solutions: Key Benefits and Advantages

Transportation EDI solutions were applicable in global business for years. Though in early years electronic processing was not known as EDI, today this approach has strong history and continues to develop quickly. Electronic data interchange was already used in automotive and trucking industries many years ago, however, today transportation EDI solutions are taking a new step in modern electronic data interchange development.

More and more companies worldwide are shifting to new EDI technologies that replace usual documents processing – this may be called a new trend in transportation. Transportation management systems that represent transportation EDI solutions are beneficial and continue to make business processing more efficient. Below in this post find the key benefits that transportation EDI solutions may bring to your business.

Speed and Accuracy. Who will not agree that saving time may be more important than saving money? EDI can speed up documents processing at least for 50% – you will exchange transactions in minutes instead of days or even weeks using postal service. Data quality will be improved by eliminating up to 40% of manual errors (misunderstanding, handwriting with errors, lost documents etc.). Those shipping companies, carriers and third-party logics that utilize EDI may therefore handle more tasks from clients and offer speedy and accurate service. They will have undisputable advantage.

Increasing Staff and Business Efficiency. Automation of the documents processing allows your staff to concentrate on more important tasks. EDI gives us more productive tools that make our work faster and more accurate. Valuable time can be spent on thinking out the best ways of shipping clients’ cargo or improving communication with partners. As documents processing becomes more accurate, this eliminates re-working of orders including their cancelation. As some parties may be involved in the process of shipping, automated data exchange between the whole supply-chain is critical for accurate timing and tracking. All the parties benefit from electronic flow and reduced order-to-cash cycle. Also inventory levels of the company may be reduced due to shortening processing and delivery time.

Strategic Business Tasks. All above mentioned benefits lead to one, maybe, the most important advantage in modern business – your company may offer more and at less time. This is called a demand-driven approach that is reached due to real-time visibility, making decisions faster, improving responsiveness regarding clients’ tasks and quick shifting to new market demands. Such business model may easily lead your company to new global markets as EDI is a worldwide technology. Partnering with new companies in new territories will be much easier.

And to sum it up, we must note that transportation EDI solutions raise environmental corporate responsibility by replacing paper processing – this not only saves time and money, but also reduces CO2 emissions by your company.

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