True Value EDI Invoicing

True Value EDI Invoicing Procedures

True Value EDI Invoicing certification includes traditional EDI and the e-Invoice system on VendorsOnline. When a Supplier becomes certified, the 810 EDI transaction set is sent from the Supplier to True Value’s Accounts Payable Department. Suppliers must submit all invoices via the 810 transaction set or the e-Invoice website.

EDI Invoicing Measurement

Invoices directed to True Value on paper shall be considered noncompliant once a Supplier has become certified. This includes all invoices (current and past due), credits and parts/repairs.

EDI Invoicing Assessment

Failure to meet a deadline for EDI implementation will result in a hundred dollar ($100) charge for each paper document True Value is required to process for the Supplier.

Matching invoices with the purchase order and merchandise receipt enables the Accounts Payable system to electronically process the information and provide prompt payment to Suppliers on the invoice due date. Invoices that do not match must go through a costly manual process to reconcile the records before payment can be approved. True Value requires Suppliers to submit invoices via the 810 EDI transaction set.

Invoices must match the PO and the merchandise receipt. Invoices that require additional processing because the information does not match are considered non-compliant. Invoices directed to True Value on paper shall be considered non-compliant once a Supplier has become EDI-certified.

True Value reserves the right to charge for the additional handling expenses caused by non-matching or paper invoices. If a Supplier is EDI 810-certified, paper invoices sent to Accounts Payable will be returned to the Supplier for proper submission.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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