True Value EDI requirements


True Value EDI Supplier Requirements

True Value EDI requirements are Supplier-specific. Suppliers are advised of the need to supply specified transactions sets with True Value via EDI. Once advised of the requirement to provide certain transaction sets via EDI, Suppliers are given dates for testing and live usage of the transaction sets.

Supplier Measurement

Suppliers must communicate with True Value via EDI for identified transaction sets on a schedule provided by the EDI Implementation Team. Suppliers will be required to transmit or receive the following EDI transaction sets:

850 – Purchase Order
856 – Advanced Ship Notice
810 – Invoice
860 – Purchase Order Change
997 – Functional Acknowledgement

Supplier Assessment

Failure to meet the due date for EDI implementation will result in a hundred dollar ($100) charge for each paper document which True Value is required to process for Supplier.

True Value believes that an ongoing measurement of performance to supplier standards will reinforce True Value’s commitment to supply chain excellence. Therefore, True Value measures and grades its supplier partners in several areas:

  • Purchase Order Service Level (Fill Rate)
  • On-Time Delivery (within quoted lead time)
  • EDI Usage (to exchange information)
  • Advanced Shipment Notification (timeliness and accuracy)
  • Shipping Requirements Adherence

Unacceptable performance will be reviewed with the Supplier and corrective actions will be taken, up to and including removal as a True Value-approved Supplier. The Supplier Scorecard focuses specifically on three of these factors:

  • Fill Rate on PO’s
  • Lead Time Performance
  • EDI Compliance.

To learn more about EDI implementation and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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