UCC (Uniform Code Council): Promoting Global Business Standards

UCC (stands for Uniform Code Council) is an organization that establishes and promotes multi-industry standards for product identification and related electronic communication including B2B. Until 1972 Uniform Code Council was known as the Uniform Grocery Product Code Council. The goal of UCC is to enhance the global supply chain management, promote goods identification multi-industry standards. The UCC also administers the Universal Product Code (UPC). Today Uniform Code Council provides integrated standards and business solutions for over 260,000 member companies doing business in 23 major industries. Focusing on promoting standards in business communications, UCC regular conducts forums, conferences and training seminars.

UCC merged with EAN International into GS1, and after this GS1 has become the single worldwide origination point for UPC and EAN numbers. (They are now known as GTIN-12 and GTIN-13). In 2005 the Uniform Code Council, Inc. became the official GS1 member organization for the United States of America under the new name of GS1 US.

Uniform Code Council states the assigning of a standard 12 digit bar code explicitly to a container  being use for  identification. It instructs to scan all the Point of purchase articles  and using an upgraded version of UCC 12 . It was both human and electronically readable

In order to use UPC barcodes, you will need to become a member of the Uniform Code Council and get a membership number. This number will form the basis of your new UPC barcodes. (Note: This only applies to UPC barcodes)

U.P.C. Barcode Symbol is a pattern of black bars with white spaces below which are numbers. The numbers are encoded in the symbol and uniquely identify the product.  This group of numbers is referred to as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

Membership with the Uniform Code Council provides the ability to place a U.P.C. Barcode Symbol on your product and distribute it into the marketplace.

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