SANCRT Message

UN/EDIFACT SANCRT Message (SARS International Movement Of Goods Governmental Regulatory Message)

EDI SANCRT Message is used to submit permits electronically to SARS as soon as they have been issued. An electronic permit received by SARS may have one of the following three statuses:

  • Original (A new permit to be added to the SARS Permit Database).
  • Cancellation (The total cancellation of an original permit. This permit may or may not have been used but once cancelled, no declaration will be cleared against this cancelled permit).
  • Change (Any data may be altered, including balances. Once a change is received, SARS will search for the relevant permit number on its database and rewrite all the information as received on the changed permit. All data for the amended permit must be sent by the Issuing Authority as if it was an Original).

The Issuing Authority will receive a confirmation from SARS on every Permit that is sent as soon as it has been validated. This could take the form of a positive or a negative acknowledgement and will be transmitted in the UN/EDIFACT CUSRES format. The Issuing Authority will only issue the permit to the Importer once a positive acknowledgement is received from SARS. In the case of a negative acknowledgement, SARS will not update the permit on its database and such permit must be rectified and resubmitted.

SARS will also submit an electronic notification on the usage of the permit for each declaration to the Issuing Authority as soon as possible, or in a batch mode after business hours, after the declaration has been released. The notification of usage will be sent according to the UN/EDIFACT CUSRES message format. The permit balance is updated centrally by SARS once the Declaration has been processed through the Customs system and a status has been assigned.

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