UPC Barcode Label

UPC Barcode Label (Mills Fleet Farm Guidelines)

UPC barcode label is critical for effectively and efficiently moving product through to Mills Fleet Farm stores. UPC barcode label is used in areas such as point of sale, stock replenishment, receiving and distribution. Mills Fleet Farm requires all of suppliers to provide company with accurately barcoded merchandise and follow these guidelines:

  • Per the Uniform Code Council guidelines, Mills Fleet Farm requires a 30-day notice on all UPC number changes and /or additions.
  • If a UPC exists on the outside of a case/carton we require that it is distinct from the UPC on the actual selling unit.
  • It is costly and labor intensiv to correct errors with missing, inaccurate and/or unreadable barcodes. These issues will result in a charge back to the supplier of an additional 10% of cost for each item requiring corrective action (not to exceed $2.00 per item) and a $50.00 handling fee.
  • If issues continue, you will receive written notification and a charge back of 20% of cost for each item requiring corrective action (not to exceed $5.00 per item) and a $100.00 handling fee.
  • Charge backs will be deducted from a current invoice. The goal is to have a system where items are ordered from you and moved through MFF supply chain and retail stores with no issues.

Barcode Requirements for Clothing

  1. Mills Fleet Farm scan only the UPC-A and E version barcodes
  2. Each garment requires a unique UPC barcode down to each suppliers’ lowest level of style, color and/or size
  3. Hang tags must include the following information:
  • Style number/color
  • Size
  • UPC-A symbol including the 12 digit human readable UPC number underneath the bar code symbol
  • If pre-pricing garments for us, the retail is required on the hang tag
  • If not pre-pricing garments for us, a 1” space at the bottom of the tag is required for applying our retail
  • It must be noted on the bar coded hang tag if the item is a 2-piece set
  • Location of hang tag must pass through the manufacturers label at neck.

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