UPC Code-Uniform Code Council (Fred’s Vendors Information And Guidelines)

UPC Code-Uniform Code Council: the Uniform Code Council is a non-profit corporation that administers and regulates the Universal Product Code. The UCC assigns each company a manufacturer’s
number, which are the first 6 digits of the UPC code. The next 5 digits of the code consist of each company’s individual product code for that particular item.

The 12th digit of the UPC is called a “check” digit. The UPC code must be unique for each SKU that is marketed. In the scope of doing business with Tech Data the UPC code is invaluable as an alternate ID for each product that it handles. The recommended size of the UPC code, including human readable characters, is 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch high.

UPC Code-Uniform 2

UPC Bar Code Specifications

  • Assign a UPC number that is unique to each item
  • Assign a separate UPC number for each color, size and package
  • Print or securely affix a UPC bar code to each selling unit
  • Comply with UCC size requirements:
    • 1.020” X 1.469”
    • Maximum reduction factor – 80%
    • Maximum expansion factor – 200%
    • Truncation no less than ½” high
    • Allot 0.25” blank space on both sides of the symbol to prevent the optical scanners from picking up stray markings
  • Print the UPC bar code in black ink on a white background
  • Ensure easy access to the bar code symbol by the optical scanner
  • Place the bar code on the bottom, right-hand corner of the selling unit or packaging
  • Include human-readable digits beneath the bar code symbol on all products
  • Verify that the bar code scans properly prior to shipping.
  • Submit notification of UPC changes to Fred’s at least 60 days in advance
  • Assign a new UPC bar code on new items or items that are changed.

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