UPS EDI Billing Data Integration

UPS EDI solution is a modern effective way of business integration with the biggest USA logistics provider. Integrating UPS EDI standardized data format (Electronic Data Interchange) into your existing infrastructure means you’ll reduce business transaction costs, spend less time tracking down the files you need, and spend more time using that information to grow your business.  By using an industry standard (ANSI X12) data format, UPS EDI gives you maximum compatibility with established systems, and data security around your information transfers. You’ll receive support for batch processing of package-level detail uploads, billing information, and package tracking.

EDI is the direct application-to-application transmission of business documents such as:

  • Invoice – Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice Transaction Set (210)
  • Package Status – Motor Carrier Package Status Transaction Set (240)
  • Shipping Manifest – Motor Carrier Pick-up Manifest Transaction Set (215)

When you incorporate UPS information into your existing EDI infrastructure, you give yourself assurance that tracking results, electronic funds transfers, and other key data are transferred smoothly throughout your enterprise. All UPS domestic and export services are supported within UPS EDI solution. In addition to delivering process improvements for your company, UPS EDI implementation helps the environment by reducing overall paper consumption.

UPS EDI solution simplifies your business relationship with UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Plenty of paperwork crosses your desk. Switching to the UPS EDI solution helps you reduce that stack, creating a more efficient–and paperless–process. EDI is a secure, online way to view, manage, and pay your UPS invoices. By gathering all your shipping invoices in one place, you can access information sooner and accelerate your billing and payment processes. That means that all of your UPS invoices–even ground freight, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, and UPS Mail Innovations invoices–can be viewed and managed within the UPS Billing Center via EDI.

Integrating EDI you will enjoy the flexibility to manage one or multiple accounts and users within a simple interface. You can select an administrator who can assign rights to enrolled users and centralize responsibility for banking information and adding, editing, and deleting users.

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