Valeo WebEDI  Survey At a Glance

Valeo WebEDIWhen the Valeo WebEDI survey started, about 1250 suppliers from 55 different countries from all over the world were active in WebEDI. 235 surveys were sent back to the Centre of Competence (CoC), which are 19%. This result gives the opportunity to work with facts to find improvements on the WebEDI System of Valeo. Currently many Valeo branches with different plants in eighteen countries all over the world are using the Valeo WebEDI System.

The result shows, that  75% of the users are satisfied with the response time of WebEDI. As the country or the internet access can have a big influence on the response time for the end users, we analysed the answers for bad response time regarding this points. The complaints are from different countries and also the speed of the internet access does not give an answer, because most of the users have 2,5 Mbit or higher internet access. Only 10% of the suppliers have the minimum of 64 Kbit. Suppliers with an internet speed higher than 5 MBit are mostly coming from Asia or the US. Valeo tracking system measures the response time to reach the system and the login from outside Valeo in four different countries each 15 minutes. Those figures are very helpful to have an overview on the performance of the system. The complaints regarding response time does not give a clear picture to take immediately actions on this point. Also the availability of 99% is the target for the WebEDI CoC. Currently more than 80% suppliers are satisfied with the availability of the system, which is the result of the survey. In the survey Valeo asked the suppliers about satisfaction with the user guidance and navigation of the system. The users should have as much comfort as possible. 73% of the suppliers are satisfied with the guidance of the system. Anyway, there is still potential for improvement in the shipping process regarding guidance and navigation.

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