VDA 4913 Delivery

VDA 4913 Delivery Notes (Daimler AG Central loading unit for deliveries via courier service)

VDA 4913 Delivery via a courier service needs a central loading unit. In order to guarantee this with the dispatch of individual small load carrier (so far no regular pallet is sent), additionally a dummy pallet in the VDA 4913 delivery notes must emerge for the packing code of the small load carrier at first position. For this pallet the packing code “0000BUN” should be used. This dummy pallet must be provided additionally with a master label “M”. In addition, this master label must be printed and be attached on the small load carrier. The storage of the sent goods can take place using this master label.

For a better understanding an example is in the following specified. This example exclusively refers to the record type 715, pos. 02, pos. 03 and pos. 13.

Record type version no. packing code label
715 03 0000BUN M
715 03 4315 S

Please pay attention to the correct information and order of the load carriers. The master label and/or the “pallet” must be listed always at first position. Please use the DQM in order to examine and if necessary to correct your data before the goods get in storage.

The following must be shown on the waybill/forwarding instruction:

  • Field 2: Supplier no. (from record type 711)
  • Field 8: Consignment/load ref. no. (SLBN from record type 712)
  • Field 10: Forwarding agent no. (from record type 712)
  • Field 18: Deliverynote number(s) (from record type 713)
  • Field 13: Bordereau no. (for “direct-contract” transport consignments).

These data elements are:

  1. Access keys at the truck management points at Daimler plants for locating EDI data.
  2. Key terms for freight billing.

Always ensure that the EDI data (demarcation as per record type 712) correspond exactly to the loading scope. Multiple consignment numbers on the same waybill are not permitted in any circumstances.

VDA specification 4922 permits the issuing of waybills by unloading point or by shipping address (a similar arrangement applies for the SLB no.). This is to be agreed bilaterally between the parties.

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