Vendor Shipping Requirements

Vendor Shipping Requirements – Carton Packing Guidelines For Finish Line Vendor Merchandise

Vendor Shipping requirements regarding carton packing note that all cartons must be adequately manufactured, labeled, and otherwise marked to ensure that product is
delivered to Finish Line Distribution Center in store “Ready to Sell” condition. Deviations from the following guidelines could result in expenses and delays not included in Finish Line cost-of-product, and will be charged back to the vendor.

Items MUST NOT BE SHIPPED without tickets, labels or UPC barcodes. Chargebacks will occur should this happen.

All products are to be packed and labeled as per compliance and purchase order instructions. Cartons should be loaded onto trailers or containers BY PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER. DO NOT MIX PO’s. It is understood there could be a row where purchase orders “overlap” due to the end loading of one purchase order and the beginning of another. Pictures of this violation cannot be taken; therefore, a management team member will come to the trailer to visually inspect this violation and sign off on the vendor compliance form.

Maximum carton size requirements are: 30” length x 20” height x 20” width. 762 mm x 508 mm x 508 mm. Minimum carton size requirements are: 12” length x 8” height x 12” width. 304.800 mm x 203.200 mm x 304.800 mm. Minimum and maximum carton dimensions are set by the manufacturer of Finish Line conveyor system. Cartons
not meeting carton size requirements will be charged back for additional handling.

The weight of each carton, including contents, must not exceed 50 lbs. / 22.680 Kg. Packing corrugate must be a minimum of 200 lbs. test and be clean corrugated cardboard. If cartons are crushed, degraded or do not “hold shape” a chargeback will be issued. Cartons should be sealed with good quality tape similar to P.V.C. tape and/or reinforced paper tape. The use of carton inserts above and below merchandise, particularly apparel, is required. This protects the contents from knife cuts when the carton is opened. Non-compliance will incur chargebacks.  Cartons should NOT be secured with straps. Cartons should be uniform in size and quantity. Failure to comply will result in chargebacks.

Finish Line encourages the use of green, recyclable or biodegradable packing materials when possible. The vendor’s representative or account executive should work with their customer service teams to put in place standards to recognize purchase orders that may cause cartons to be “out of compliance” with respect to weight, dimensions, carton strength etc. Especially regarding pre-pack quantities. Under exceptional circumstances, a “Prior to Shipment” waiver may be allowed to prevent impending chargebacks for non-compliance. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Upon receipt of the Purchase Order, all data and information should be carefully reviewed in order to avoid unnecessary chargebacks.

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