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Vendor Shipping And Handling Requirements (Fred’s Inc. Penalties and Charges)

Vendor Shipping And Handling guidelines (routing, shipping, marking, or packaging requirements) are obligatory as Fred’s Inc. shall assess the penalties and charges to Vendors/ Shippers for failing to comply with  the mentioned Vendor Shipping demands:

  1. Fred’s purchase order number must be listed on all bills of lading and packing slips along with the number of cases and weight. Failure to comply will result in a flat rate charge.
  2. Fred’s purchase order number and other markings pursuant to Fred’s carton marking requirements must be printed on all cases. Carton markings can be obtained from Fred’s Merchandising Division. Failure to comply will result in a flat rate charge.
  3. All purchase orders must be shipped to arrive on or after the arrival date of the purchase order, but before the cancel date. All orders shipped outside the purchase order shipping dates are subject to be returned at the vendor’s expense or storage/handling charges deducted from invoices. Fred’s Inc reserves the right, at its options and without limitation, to cancel this order or reject any goods delivered after the time specified.
  4. All Vendor Shipping merchandise is to be shipped in the specified assortments, case quantity (and/or inner packs), and sizes entered on the purchase order. Any merchandise received other than specified on the purchase order will be returned at the vendors expense, or the vendor will pay handling or repack charges.
  5. All orders must be shipped in the quantity specified. Overages will be returned at the vendor’s expense and handling charges assessed. Vendor must contact Fred’s Inc on quantities not shipped.
  6. Merchandise must be shipped with one sku number per case unless authorized by Fred’s. At Fred’s discretion, merchandise received with mixed skus may be returned to vendor or re-packed. Vendor will pay handling charges, re-pack and/or return freight charges.
  7. Vendor will pay for charges incurred for counting and loading of shipment. Fred’s will not be liable for loading, detention or layover charges at origin.
  8. Merchandise shipped must be the same as the approved confirmation sample.
  9. Merchandise received that is different than, or does not meet the specifications of the approved sample, will be returned at the Vendor’s expense and the Vendor will be assessed handling charges.
  10. Vendor will provide and pay for any samples and freight needed for production approval, advertising, product selections, and any other reason to accomplish reasonable business practices. Any freight charges billed to Fred’s will be deducted off future invoices.
  11. All merchandise must have an authorized UPC code attached. This code must be presented to Fred’s for approval prior to ship date. Failure to comply with UPC guidelines or use of unapproved UPC code will be assessed a 20% (cost of goods) charge for reticketing, plus an additional 10% administration charge. Exception to these guidelines must have approval by Fred’s Executive Vice President.

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