Verizon EDI Billing

Verizon EDI Billing for high-volume enterprises

Verizon EDI Billing will be a useful solution when your billing process seems a bit out of control. Verizon EDI Billing helps you manage your invoicing. It can be easily integrated with commercially available software and services. This will help to manage your invoice processing more effectively. Verizon EDI Billing helps reduce the complexity for businesses with large volumes of invoices. By enabling you to fully automate your invoicing and payment processes, Verizon EDI Billing increases your financial control. It helps to eliminate paper and reduce manual efforts.

Key benefits of Verizon EDI Billing

EDI files for Verizon services can be delivered automatically. They can be re-formatted to meet your invoice analysis and processing requirements. EDI helps high-volume enterprises to:

  • Improve your expense management and financial reporting capabilities. It is done by expanding the control and auditing of business transactions.
  • Reduce errors and increase productivity.
  • Simplify processes by automating your invoice review, analysis, and payments.
  • Reduce manual effort and paper handling. Also automate reconciliation, reduce data entry and improve error detection.
  • Integrate your translated data into your invoice-processing software to support systems including:
    1. Financial and Accounts Payable. Invoice validation, auditing expenses, making payments.
    2. Telecommunications Expense Management. Usage and cost control analysis, trending and planning.
    3. Enterprise Resource Planning. Business intelligence, expense analysis, charge-back allocations, and reporting.
  • Speed up implementation and simplify your application maintenance.
  • Get detailed information for your invoice review and analysis. Verizon offers a choice of different levels of data content in the 811 for most invoice types including:
    • Invoice summary data. Hierarchical Level 4 (HL4) contains total charges for a service.
    • Group level charges. HL4 data provides circuit detail for Data Services and summarized charges for Voice Services (i.e. origination phone numbers), and monthly recurring and non-recurring charges.
    • Details. Includes HL4 and HL8 data. Provides full voice call detail information (i.e. destination phone numbers) through HL9.

Verizon is a global leader in driving better business outcomes for mid-sized, large enterprises and government agencies. Verizon combines integrated communications and IT solutions, professional services expertise with high IQ global IP and mobility networks.

Verizon EDI Billing Consolidated Service Invoice (811) follows the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12 public standards and telecommunications industry guidelines. Verizon reconciles your Functional Acknowledgment (997) with the invoices transmitted. It is done to verify successful receipt of all your ordered invoices. EDI benefits those who receive invoices from multiple billing systems. This is released by providing a consistent file layout across major Verizon EDI billing systems.

With Verizon EDI Billing you can select from a number of secure electronic delivery options. These options enable you to integrate data with a variety of applications. The list includes telecom asset management, enterprise resource planning, accounting, payment systems.

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