Verizon EDI Solution – achieve cost savings and simplify your business transactions

verizon edi solutionVerizon EDI Solution improves your invoicing and accounts payable operations. With Verizon EDI Solution you can automate the way you review and pay invoices. This will help to eliminate data entry errors and paper handling expenses.

It’s not uncommon to get bogged down processing high volumes of invoices. Sometimes this requires the support of a third-party management company. With Verizon EDI Solution you can achieve efficiencies and cost reductions. You will achieve this by automating the processes used to review, analyze, and pay invoices. EDI helps eliminate manual data entry. Also it reduces associated errors, follow-up, paper-handling expenses, and payment errors. There’s no additional charge to use Verizon EDI application.

Verizon EDI solution includes:

  • Better control and auditing of business transactions
  • Integrated invoice payment processes
  • Enablement of systems integration with accounting and electronic payments applications
  • Elimination of manual data entry and reduction in associated errors and follow-up
  • Reduction in paper-handling expenses and payment errors
  • Efficiencies when processing large invoice volumes
  • Reporting and data manipulation
  • Support of commercially available software for faster start up, data mapping, and maintenance.

The Verizon EDI solution can make it easier to manage the critical elements of your Verizon account at any time. The essentials of EDI billing, ordering, and repair will translate to improved productivity for you and your teams. By managing your EDI invoices, customer service records, and reports electronically, you can significantly reduce paper and storage costs. By placing and tracking your EDI orders and repairs online, you avoid the time and expense of waiting on hold to open a ticket or to place a simple order. Best of all, there’s no additional charge to use these applications.

To learn more about EDI integration with the biggest US and Canada retailers, please, visit EDI Academy seminars or sign-up for custom-on-site training.

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