VERMAS EDIFACT Message General Business Requirements

VERMAS EDIFACT Message incorporates information on the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of a packed container, the time, place and method of obtaining the VGM, the responsible parties, and references required by the receiver to assign the VGM to his transactions. VERMAS EDIFACT Message is used to transmit information related to one or many containers belonging to a clearly defined transport from a shipper to a consignee. The message can be exchanged between any two parties in the maritime transport chain as per mutual agreement. The sender may have obtained the Verified Gross Mass himself or he may forward a VGM received from a 3rd party. Each party in the transport chain can be a sender or a receiver of a VERMAS EDIFACT Message.

The only mandatory information in the message is on the container and on the VGM. All other information is optional and transmission depends on the role of sender and receiver in the transport chain. It is essential that sender and receiver agree on the information and references to be transmitted.

VERMAS EDIFACT Message is a small message for a clearly dedicated purpose. It shall not be used as a handling order. The message will not be used for reporting of empty containers.

There are new process steps that are not covered by existing message types. For example reporting from a weighing station to the shipper, or the weight from the terminal to the carrier or from the carrier to the shipper. In many cases the existing messages are sent at a different time than the weight is known or is needed. The existing messages are sent too early or too late for transmission of the VGM. One new message easier than changing many existing messages. Shippers, carriers and terminals need to change a large number of message versions on a fixed date. Many of them find it easier to implement one new message for this special purpose of VGM reporting than upgrading many existing message versions and test simultaneously with many EDI partners.

Message identification determines the purpose The receiver can detect the purpose (VGM update) from the message identification VERMAS. He does not have to go into the message to detect the function.

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