VERMAS EDIFACT Message In The Process Chain

VERMAS EDIFACT Message is an offer to the maritime industry and its usage is left to agreements between the trading partners. It is by no means mandatory to use this transaction. If the trading partners are happy to use the enhanced versions of IFTMIN, COPRAR, CODECO etc for VGM transmission they may of course do so. Only if that is not suitable, they may decide to exchange the VERMAS in addition.

Content of the VERMAS EDIFACT Message

For each container, the message can hold:

  • The unique container ID (e.g. HLXU1234567) and its size/type.
  • The Verified Gross Mass in kilogram or lbs.
  • All details that a paper certificate would show: date and place of weighing, the responsible company, method used (1 or 2 according to SOLAS), reference number etc.
  • The name of the authorized person in capital letters, as electronic equivalent of the signature.
  • Reference to a particular transport order or purchase order, by means of booking number, B/L number, seal number, port of loading, port of discharge, vessel name, voyage number etc.
  • Related transport parties: Shipper, carrier, terminal, weighing facility.

Only the container ID and the VGM itself are mandatory. All other data elements are optional, depending on the business context.

The development of the VERMAS structure follows the principle: Keep it short and simple. VERMAS EDIFACT Message is made for a dedicated purpose and contains only data elements that are clearly needed. The message content is based on the best assessment of the business requirements depending on the IMO guidelines.

Unlike other EDIFACT messages, the VERMAS EDIFACT Message is not dedicated to a certain process step in the transport chain. It can be used by different parties at different times in the process chain. The VERMAS purpose is only to report a weight that was determined earlier. It will not be used to order a service such as weighing a container. For the purpose of ordering services, for example the COHAOR should be used.

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