VICS EDI Associated Data (102) Transaction Description

The VICS EDI (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Electronic Data Interchange) Associated Data (102) Transaction Set is used within the retail and wholesale industry to communicate additional information related to a particular EDI transaction. This transaction set is designed to transmit any data not otherwise covered by the standard VICS EDI documents, thus serving as a catch-all for supplementary information.

The Associated Data (102) is used by a buyer/merchandiser to convey multi-media objects, such as a product image and its associated audio. The Price/Sales Catalog (832) is usually sent along with the Associated Data (102) to furnish product information and specify the associated object reference ID. This ID links the actual multi-media object in the Associated Date (102) to the item and the multi-media object attributes in the Price/Sales Catalog (832).

Here are the key points about the VICS EDI 102 transaction set:

  1. Purpose: It is used to transmit any associated data that does not fit into the standard EDI transaction sets. This could include supplementary details, exceptions, or additional information that needs to be conveyed to complete a transaction.
  2. Flexibility: The 102 transaction set provides a flexible format that can be customized to meet the specific needs of trading partners. It allows for the inclusion of various types of data that may be critical to the transaction but not covered in the predefined EDI formats.
  3. Usage: It is typically used in conjunction with other EDI transaction sets. For example, after sending a purchase order (850) or an invoice (810), the 102 transaction set might be used to send additional information that is relevant to the order or invoice but not included in the standard fields.
  4. Structure: The structure of the 102 transaction set is flexible, allowing the sender to define the type and format of the data being sent. This makes it a versatile tool for communication between trading partners, ensuring that all necessary information can be exchanged.
  5. Benefits: The primary benefit of the 102 transaction set is its ability to handle non-standard information, ensuring that all necessary details are communicated effectively between trading partners. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that transactions are completed smoothly.

In summary, the VICS EDI Associated Data (102) Transaction Set is a versatile tool used to transmit additional or supplementary information that is not covered by other standard EDI transaction sets, providing flexibility and completeness in electronic business communications.

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