EDI Transaction Relationships

EDI Transaction Relationships In Merchandise Using VICS Guide

The buyer can use two documents to facilitate the planning process: the Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830) is used to provide forecasts of expected demand to the supplier, either for informational purposes or as an actual request for trade items; the Request for Quotation (840) is used to request pricing information and possible delivery schedules from the supplier.

Suppliers can also notify potential buyers of their exact product line, expected product introduction and discontinuation dates using the Price/Sales Catalog (832). In conjunction with the Price/Sales Catalog (832), the Associated Data (102) is used to transmit multi-media objects such as an image, spectral, audio, etc. Along with the item setup information provided in the Price/Sales Catalog (832), a supplier can send the Promotion Announcement (889) to announce a promotion to the retailer. This may include special prices being offered during a specific time period that could have conditions and restrictions associated with the promotion.

The supplier can transmit their current inventory levels and requirements to the buyer using the Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846) or Product Activity Data (852). In support of a collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) relationship, the buyer can request historical activity information for specific products, locations and time periods using the Item Information Request (893). The supplier uses the Product Activity Data (852) to convey the requested information.

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