Volkswagen Group Of America EDI


Volkswagen Group Of America EDI Basic Requirements

Volkswagen Group Of America EDI program requires all suppliers to use EDI and have access to the supplier portal in order to work with Volkswagen Group of America. EDI communication to Volkswagen in the U.S. works on TCP/IP internet point-to-point connections based on the OFTP2 – Protocol. As an exception, and only if you bear all the costs, you may use selected VANS. The transmission protocol used is the OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol). The EDIFACT EDI standards are available. The coordination of operation and regular schedules is also done via the supplier portal.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the exchange of structured business data between the information systems of external partners, and is based on message standards (e.g. VDA, EDIFACT) and communication standards (e.g. OFTP-ODETTE file transfer protocol automotive industry)

EDI is indispensable for efficient business processes with our suppliers, and is the precondition for optimized cooperation between Volkswagen Group of America and our suppliers. EDI benefits both partners. Volkswagen expects the supplier to provide integrated EDI support for the entire business process. The supplier benefits from the integration of EDI messages into the in-house systems, where messages are based on each other in regard to data. EDI is used in the process to transmit weekly call-off previews, daily delivery call-offs and the data for delivery notes and transport.

Volkswagen Group Of America expects that supplier EDI system is ready to receive 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so that the EDI traffic can run in a smooth and timely fashion. Readiness to receive must not be confused with the editing and processing of the data in the production system of the supplier. If this is not possible,you must still ensure that the data transmitted by Volkswagen Group of America can be saved safely on a server until they can be edited or processed.

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