Volkswagen U.S. EDI

Volkswagen U.S. EDI Communication Data Flow And Message Formats

Volkswagen U.S. EDI Communication works on TCP/IP internet point-to-point connections based on the OFTP2 – Protocol. VANS (Value Added Network Services), where communication is handled via a provider, are only permitted in exceptional cases. If supplier intends to use a provider, supplier has to notify Volkswagen Group of America in writing in advance. Volkswagen Group of America reserves the right to authorize the provider. Volkswagen will not bear any costs arising out of or resulting from the use of VANS.

EDI message formats in use

The weekly messages are transmitted by Volkswagen Group of America via EDI using the following EDI message formats:

  • The delivery pre – advice is transmitted once a week, with a time period of six months. Weeks one to three are detailed to the day, while the rest is detailed to the week. The call-off preview will be transmitted in the format EDIFACT DELFOR.
  • Dispatch call – offs are transmitted one day before collection, with the next collection date as the reference time. Transmission is done using the EDIFACT GLOBAL DELJIT format.
  • ASN has to be transmitted to VWGoA using the EDIFACT DESADV format.

The document formats in the delivery process are as follows:

  1. Documents accompanying the shipment
    • The Pick-up-sheet (PUS) represents the transport and shipping documents according to VDA 4939. It will be based on the ASN. The documents can be generated with a free to use software from Volkswagen, the so called TSB generator. It will be required to be printed by the logistics partner. If no logistics partner is involved in the delivery process it has to be created by the supplier.
  2. Container papers
    1. Container papers are represented by GTL (Global Transport Label)
    2. Additionally it may be required to print other container papers for visualization of important information. The details are still being planned at the moment.

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