Volvo EDI Invoice

Volvo EDI Invoice: WebEDI Modifications

Volvo EDI Invoice upgraded part (an upgraded version of the invoicing part of WebEDI) was launched in 2006. The reason why this Volvo EDI Invoice new version has been developed is related to the European legislation concerning invoices valid from 2004-01-01. Both the AP (Production material) and the NAP (Non automotive products) functions for creating invoices are modified. But generally speaking the modifications are minor and simple to take in. To summarize the modifications, the following bullets were relevant:

Header level

  • Fields on the user interface have been re-located in a more logical way
  • Improved handling of parties on the Volvo side
    • When the user selects Ship-to (NAP – Customer) it will result in Buyer (NAP –Bill-to-address) and VAT agent (new) is given for ”free”
    • Full name/address for buyer and ship-to available by clicking a link
  • Invoice date is default current date but can be as old as previous year
  • The label Consignee is now called Ship-to
  • The currency is now called Invoicing currency
  • VAT currency is now called Home currency
  • Date of exchange rate has been introduced, default value is current date
  • Mainoffice location (supplier) is now called Official address
  • VAT category code has been introduced reflecting the reason why zero VAT is specified on the invoice, default value is however ”S” (standard)
  • Other types of taxes introduced and possible to handle (US need – default Value added tax)
  • Type of contract possible to handle (A US need in case of import – default N/A)
  • Account holder name has been introduced to present the short name for the party owning the account
  • Free text introduced with four different subjects

Specific for NAP Header level

  • The label ”Workflow reference” has been modified to Purchase order reference
  • Alternative delivery address can be included and can be chosen actively

Line level

  • Support for handling VAT Category Code for both line items and expenses
  • Given default from header level
  • Type of contract can be managed per line but default given per invoice (US)
  • Extended number of codes values representing additional expenses.

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