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Volvo EDI Invoice Requirements For Automotive Products (AP) Suppliers

Volvo EDI Invoice version for Automotive Products (AP) Suppliers is D03A version (Global standard) of the Edifact INVOIC message. ANSI X12 810 message is used by Volvo suppliers/partners in North America. Global Invoice is an initiative of the joint Automotive Industry and covers all types of EDI invoices and is based on the Edifact message standard. The Volvo Global Invoice specification for AP material is a user profile of the Global Invoice subset, called Global Invoice Message 2.0 – Odette Sweden, specified by the Swedish Odette organisation currently published on

The AP specification will be primarily used for EDI invoicing to Volvo units in Europe. Volvo will use this specification in future implementations of EDI invoices based on the Edifact standard. All older EDI relations currently in production will gradually be migrated to this specification.

Although this specification is a user profile, it covers a number of options. The use of these options is dependent on the local conditions and the requirements in each individual relation between a supplier and a Volvo unit. Before implementing this specification, it is important to analyse the current needs and to decide whether the options are applicable or not. Examples of these options are; special charges, use of two currencies (invoicing and home currency), intraEU-invoicing with no VAT amount specified, etc. The occurrence of options are further described within this specification and in supporting guidelines published separately.

Self Billing Invoicing (SBI) concept has been discussed a lot during the recent years within the Automotive Industry. For the moment, Volvo has no intention to implement SBI for Automotive Products (AP) material, but will in the future study the concept thoroughly and decide the conditions later. The Volvo Global Invoice specification for Non Automotive products (NAP) will be specified and published in a separate document.

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