Von Maur EDI Mapping State Routing Guidelines

Von Maur EDI MappingVon Maur EDI Mapping State Routing Guidelines described below regard to FOB Vendor Warehouse Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., Wyoming, California – zips 955 & 961, New York – zips 120-149.

For more information about Von Maur routing requirements, please refer to  general routing EDI requirements for Von Maur vendors.

Von Maur EDI Mapping Routing Guides

Von Maur EDI Mapping Guides require that economy must be written prominently on the BOL, in the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” section when possible. The term Priority or Priority service cannot appear on the BOL.

Von Maur prefers all LTL shipments are on pallets. Pallets must be standard 48”x40” according to Von Maur EDI Mapping Guides. Palletized shipments should preferably have 1 PO per pallet. If multiple PO’s are on one pallet, label pallet “mixed PO’s.” It is imperative that PO’s are sorted and loaded by PO # to aid in the unloading and carton count verification at the Von Maur DC.

Do not double stack or turn pallets sideways. Pallet weight must be included on the BOL, either as part of the product weight, or as a separate line. Stack the heaviest cartons on the bottom. Pallets are not recommended to be stacked higher than 6’ tall.

There should be one BOL per pickup, per day, regardless of the number of POs or pallets/cartons being consigned. PO number(s) must be listed in the P. O. no. field of the shipping label.

DO NOT add insurance charges or declare a value while EDI mapping.

All labels (EDI) must be placed on the side of the cartons. Do not cover any other information on cartons, such as barcodes or carton identification labels.

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