edi with von maurGeneral requirements

EDI is a paperless electronic transmission of data that expedites communication between the Retailer and Vendor, improves accuracy, and lowers costs by reducing redundant data entry. Von Maur’s Vendors are expected to be EDI if the Vendor has EDI capability.

The EDI Coordinator may contact a Vendor to see if EDI is a possibility based upon the unit volume done with that Vendor. Vendors that are unable to comply with the requested EDI partnership with Von Maur will be given a reasonable amount of time to comply before offset expenses are assessed. Von Maur supports the current industry standards and expects all EDI trading partners to comply with the current Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standard (VICS), Uniform Code Council (UCC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Universal Product Code (UPC) standards.

Transmission costs are shared between Von Maur and its trading partners on a 50/50 split. Von Maur pays the cost of receiving Vendor documents and sending Von Maur documents to the network. Trading partners pay the cost of sending their documents to their third party network and receiving Von Maur documents from its network. Trading partners should use Von Maur network as the VAN for transmission of documents.

Von Maur can receive the following documents:

  • 214 Trailer Manifest
  • 810 Invoice
  • 832 UPC catalog data from vendor
  • 855 Inbound purchase order
  • 856 Advance ship notice (ASN)
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment.

Von Maur can send the following EDI documents:

  • 850 Outbound purchase order
  • 997 Functional acknowledgment
  • 852 Product Activity Data (weekly sales and semiannual on hand information).

Mapping information is available at Von Maur website. Von Maur will only process documents that meet the mapping specifications.

EDI Testing

Access to your UPC catalog is a prerequisite to testing any EDI transaction. All trading partners must be capable of receiving an 850 Purchase Order or sending an 855 (Vendor generated) Purchase Order. Trading partners must be capable of sending accurate carton level advanced ship notice (ASN)/manifest. Von Maur policy is to test the 850 and 856 transactions simultaneously. Von Maur will not allow the transmission of any Purchase Orders via EDI until the 856 transaction is in production. Use the “scan and pack” method to create your ASN.

Functional acknowledgments (997) must be provided within two business days from receipt of each 850 PO transmission received from Von Maur. The retailer will provide a functional acknowledgment (997) within two business days from receipt of each 856 ASN transmission from its trading partners. Von Maur must receive your ASN at least 48 hours before the merchandise arrives at our DC. If you request to receive selling information via the 852 Product Activity Data transaction, the company will no longer provide manual selling information such as printed reports, faxed/emailed information, or phoned in sales. A $25 offset expense will be assessed for each request for manual selling information. The Bill of Lading must conform to the VICS standard of a 17-digit number.

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