Von Maur Packing Guidelines for Vendors

Von Maur Packing requirements are essential for proper merchandise and supply process including EDI. All vendors should stick to Von Maur Packing general instructions described below. Merchandise not shipped to these Von Maur Packing specifications can experience delays in processing and loss of time on the selling floor, along with incurring offset expenses.

  • Vendors must pack merchandise in shippable cartons (min 175 lb test.)Von Maur Packing
  • Ship orders in cartons only. Envelopes or polybags are not acceptable.
  • Maximum carton size = 22” wide x 30” long x 21.5” high. Maximum weight not to exceed 50 pounds. Offset expenses will be applied for violation of carton size or weight, as cartons are unable to move on the conveyor system.
  • Minimum carton size = 9” wide x 12” long x 3” high. Cartons smaller than the minimum allowed size must be Master Packed (see below instructions.)
  • Departments 970 & 973 must be shipped in a hanging box.
  • Do not place metal or plastic bands or straps on the cartons or wrap cartons in burlap or plastic.
  • Cartons must contain merchandise for only one Purchase Order (and one store, if pre-distributed.) They must be packed in compliance with the floor ready standards and according to the Purchase Order specifications
  • Bulk orders are rare, and must be approved by the Buyer. If it is unclear whether an order is bulk, contact Von Maur DC Management. Bulk orders must be packed one style and color (if applicable) per box. The style, color and size must be on the outside of the carton, and on the item or poly bag (if used.) Indicate “BULK” on each carton.
  • Cartons that are “no retail” or GWP should be clearly labeled NO RETAIL. If the item is for a buyer, the buyer’s full name should also appear. For cartons that are going to the stores, the store # or initials should appear on each carton, along with NO RETAIL.
  • All shipments must arrive in cartons by store, unless authorization by the Distribution Center Manager has been obtained.
  • Von Maur Packing instructions require to pack merchandise in such a manner as to prevent concealed loss or damage in transit.
  • Concealed damages or shortages, where there is no visible damage or tampering with the package, will be charged back to the Vendor.
  • Custom/special orders should be labeled “SPECIAL ORDER” on the outside of the carton.
  • DO NOT separate hangers and merchandise in the shipping carton. Merchandise requiring hangers must have hangers inserted into the garment itself.
  • All carton information needs to be on the side of the cartons, not the top or bottom, with the exception of Master Packs.
  • If individual cartons (0-10 lbs) are small enough to consolidate into a Master Pack and there is more than one carton per PO, please follow the below instructions regarding Master Packs.

Von Maur Packing – Master Packs

  • One Purchase Order per Master Pack (MP). There is no limit to the number of inner cartons per MP, as long as the MP carton weighs less than 50 lbs, and measures less than 130” in length and girth. The number of cartons labeled MP should not exceed 20. 1. Master Pack exterior labeling requirements
  • On shipping label From: Vendor Name and Address Ship to: Von Maur 6565 Brady St Davenport, IA 52806 Carrier information
  • On carton (permanently affixed or legibly written) 6 digit Purchase Order number 3 digit Department number Mark the outside of each master carton “Master Pack” Label cartons 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.
  • Pack the inner contents in a carton, by store.
  • Master Pack UCC 128 inner carton labeling requirements
    • 6 digit Purchase Order number, 3 digit Department number
    • Store number and/or abbreviation
    • Serial shipping container code (Barcode & human readable)

Information should be on the side of the cartons, however, if due to the small innercarton side that is not possible, it may be placed on the top or bottom.

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