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General ticket requirements

  1. Vendors are responsible for ticketing. The Von Maur DC does not generate or supply tickets to Vendors.
  2. Ticket through the vendor label if ticketing on the garment will damage the item.
  3. Ticket non-apparel items, taking care to not damage the product.
  4. Do not ticket around the buttons of the garment.
  5. Do not use safety pins to attach tags.
  6. Multi-piece sets should have the primary ticket on the top item. Sets should be clearly labeled as “multi-piece”.

All Departments Vendors with EDI capability need to contact Von Maur’s EDI Coordinator to begin the set up process. All ticket approval will be conducted by the EDI Coordinator. EDI Orders – require a UPC ticket and must include UPC barcode, style, department, size and retail price. Only UPC’s with 12 digits (UP) or 13 digits (EN) are acceptable. Price should be provided on the perforated area at the bottom of the UPC ticket. Color-to-size reference bar is preferred, but not required. Boxed merchandise that can be sold in or out of the package must be ticketed with UPC and price both on the item and on the box (if unable to ticket box and item, please provide “piggy back” or “double stick” tickets on boxes).

See an example of a UPC label below:

edi with von maur

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