Von Maur UPC Requirements For Vendors

Von Maur UPCVon Maur UPC guides described in today’s post cover basic requirements for Von Maur vendors. The UPC is the essential component of EDI and is utilized in the transmission of all EDI documents. Following Von Maur UPC guidelines and steps will ensure that your company is positioned for a successful partnership at Von Maur.

Once an EDI partnership is established and EDI Documents are traded, the following steps will be mandated and offset expenses may be assessed for noncompliance:

  1. Provide accurate Von Maur UPC data via Quick Response Services Catalog. The UPC catalog must include a minimum of UPC, product ID, unique product description, NRF color and size codes, color and size description, and selection code. If your merchandise is sized, please include this on the UPC ticket. The color-to-size bar code is optional.
  2. Assign a unique UPC number at the product ID/color (if product has a color)/size (if the product is sized) level to all merchandise. This includes all special cuttings, membership pieces, fabrics, and accessory items that are sold by the vendor. Only UPC’s with 12 digits (UP) or 13 digits (EN) are acceptable.
  3. UPCs must be located on every item, regardless of how it is packaged. Von Maur systems are not equipped to utilize pre-pack UPCs. EACH = UPC = CONSUMER SELLING UNIT.
  4. Ensure that the product ID/color/size on the catalog matches the information issued on all other materials including buyer catalogs, shipping information and merchandise tickets.
  5. Access to your UPCs must be available before product offering. UPCs must be available in the catalog for the Buyer to generate an EDI Purchase Order.
  6. Once UPCs have been assigned and made available to Von Maur, Von Maur UPC related information must not be altered.
  7. The industry standard requires a waiting period of 30 months for fashion merchandise and 48 months for non-fashion merchandise; we recommended that UPCs or Product IDs not be re-used.

Gift with Purchase (GWP) and Purchase with Purchase (PWP) must be assigned and ticketed with UPC codes. These UPCs must be included in the UPC catalog, as well as in all EDI documents.

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