Walmart EDI Testing with business partners

In order to start Walmart EDI Testing  and exchange EDI documents with Walmart, you must become AS2 compliant first. Select and install computer software and hardware, keeping in mind your projected long-term needs. Remember: You will need software and hardware for EDIINT (AS2) communication as well as EDI translation for Walmart EDI Testing.

Walmart EDI TestingAS2 client allows for the exchange of information. “Pushes” the encrypted EDI data from the sender to the receiver. Translation – The translation software interprets the transmitted EDI data into a readable format. There are EDI packages that contain both the communication and translation software.

Obtain access to Retail Link™. It is recommended that more than one person in your EDI department has access to Retail Link in case your primary user is unavailable. All contacts (phone, email, etc. ) to Walmart EDI Support require a person from your company with Retail Link access. Select and install computer software, and complete all internal testing. Keep in mind your company’s projected long-term needs. Obtain GEM mailbox and up/download security certificates. Once you have your AS2 software installed and configured, you will need to call the EDI Implementation team to set up the GEM Mailbox. At the time of the call ensure you have all the information for your AS2 software, such as, IP address or URL, AS2 name and certificates available. Once you have exchanged Certificates, your company is ready to test AS2. Before a company may begin Walmart EDI Testing, AS2 testing must be completed. This testing period between Walmart and your company is used to test communications only. At least one file must be successfully sent and received from Walmart to complete AS2 Testing. This file is normally the connection test to ensure that the connection is working successfully. When you and the Walmart EDI technician feel confident that you have successfully completed testing, you will be moved to production on AS2 communications. All suppliers will then begin Walmart EDI Testing via Vendor Self Testing Portal.

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