Walmart FAQs: 850 PO and 810 Invoice EDI Transactions

walmart FAQsWalmart FAQs will help all potential Walmart vendors to understand the process of EDI integration more thoroughly. In order to give you a full image of EDI integration with Walmart, we have already spoke about Walmart EDI testing and setting up procedures. Today we give you a list of the most Walmart FAQs and correspondent answers.

When is a purchase order transmitted into my GEM mailbox?

This question belongs to the  most popular Walmart FAQs. Purchase Orders are put into GEM mailboxes immediately after being translated into EDI data. This can happen at any time, thus your company must maintain a persistent internet connection. There are many types of PO’s created by Walmart and Sam’s. The jobs which create and extract orders run around the clock, servicing all time zones and countries. Please note that if you are utilizing Web EDI instead of GEM it is highly recommended to check your Web EDI mailbox twice a day.

Is it my choice to receive PO’s in either each quantities or case quantities?

Yes, you decide which is best for your business needs. However, this will be something that you should decide before you are set-up to test. If this is not specified during setup, the default is to be setup in each quantities.

What is the difference between multi-ship and single-ship PO’s?

Single-ship orders (basic order) request merchandise to be sent to one specific location. Multi-ship orders (spreadsheet) contain an SDQ segment and request merchandise to be sent to multiple locations. Your Walmart or Sams buyer determines what type of order you will receive. All suppliers must be prepared to accept & process both single-ship and multiship orders.

Does Walmart require all invoices to be sent via EDI?

almart FAQs reveal that all invoices for saleable merchandise must be transmitted electronically once production with EDI invoicing. This includes Sam’s Clubs, Walmart Warehouses, Walmart Stores (regular & store phoned in PO’s), & Supercenters.

How long is the invoice testing period?

The usual invoice testing period is 2 weeks. But this can be completed sooner as long as the testing documents are sent and your company follows up on them in a timely manner.

Should we transmit invoices with a zero (0) total dollar amount?

No, Walmart cannot process any invoice with a zero (0) total dollar amount.

We receive one purchase order with multiple shipping (direct to store) locations. Are we supposed to bill back with one invoice for each location?

Yes, each store receiving merchandise from that PO should receive an individual invoice for only the Merchandise shipped to that store. Thus, if one multi-ship PO has 100 ship-to locations, there should be 100 invoices created using the same PO number and different invoice numbers. However with the AS2 System it is recommended that you package multiple transmissions into one batch before sending.

Can invoices for purchase orders not sent via EDI (i.e. store phoned in orders) be Invoiced through EDI?

Yes, any invoice for saleable merchandise can be sent via EDI invoicing regardless of how the purchase order was received. However, always remember to include the PO number, department number, & the GLN on all invoices.

We are a seasonal vendor, when is it appropriate to begin testing EDI invoices? Can we create bogus invoices in order to test EDI invoices?

If you are a seasonal supplier, you may begin testing as soon as you have active items in the Walmart system. Walmart will use those items to create “dummy” orders that you may use for testing purposes.

If I am invoicing non-taxable items for Canada, do I still need to send the TXI segment?

Yes, the TXI is mandatory for all Canada invoices. When invoicing non-taxable items the TXI 02 (Amount) will need to be zero (0).

If my invoice is rejected by either the 997 acknowledgement or the 864 text message. Can we re-send the corrected invoice with the same invoice number?

Yes. When an invoice is rejected by either of these documents then the invoice never makes an entry into the Walmart accounting system so the invoice number will still be unique until it is successful.

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