Walmart Purchase Order Testing

Walmart Purchase Order Testing can start after “Test EDI Data” status occurs after the first phase of data testing.  The vendor is required to receive a “Successful” test for all sub-usages that are marked with a must test flag of “Yes” in order to proceed to the next step of Walmart Purchase Order Testing. After the vendor clicks on the “Request Parallel” button, they will be prompted to verify the setup information as this will be used in trading partner creation. This also systematically changes the transaction status to “Requested Parallel”. For suppliers using approved third parties: when all basic documents are at this step, you should contact Walmart so its EDI team can move the documents forward. Any specialty document must be completely tested through the testing portal.

Walmart Purchase Order TestingWalmart Purchase Order Testing phase of testing begins when the documents in the Vendor Self-Testing Portal are in Monitor Parallel Status. Purchase orders will be placed in your mailbox within 48 hours of being put into Monitor Parallel status. If you do not receive any purchase orders it is your responsibility to follow up with the EDI Implementation Team.

Depending on your buyer, you may receive paper copies of your production PO’s during Walmart Purchase Order Testing. Once you have received a purchase order, you must return a functional acknowledgement within 24 hrs. Please wait a minimum of 15 minutes from the time that you receive the order to send the acknowledgment. If the 997 is sent too early, the file will not update properly and will cause a delay in your testing until the 997 is resent and it updates the orders correctly. After the 997 has been sent, a follow-up call about two hours after sending the document from your company will help speed the Walmart Purchase Order Testing process by having the EDI implementation team check your functional acknowledgment and notify you of the results. To complete purchase order testing, you must successfully receive 3 purchase orders batches, and return a functional acknowledgement for each batch.

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