Walmart Third Party EDI as an effective communication solution

Walmart Third Party EDIWalmart Third Party EDI is one of the methods used for electronic data interchange cooperation. Connecting directly to Walmart network is the preferred communications method and reduces the points of failure in data transmissions. With the use of AS2, direct connects to Walmart network provide cost savings to suppliers through the elimination of day to day third party charges and long distance dial ups. AS2 also provides increased reliability and speed, improving supply chain efficiency.

If the use of Walmart Third Party EDI is required by a supplier, the third party must be Walmart-approved. EDI data, as well as AS2 communications, must be completely outsourced to that third party. The supplier will receive data from their third party via fax, email or in a flat file format. If the third party sends the data as another format of EDI, this is not allowed.

There are two different models of Walmart Third Party EDI, one is known as an Interconnect and the other is a Service Provider. Interconnects are not allowed by Walmart. Interconnects receive EDI data from a supplier and resend the data to either another interconnect or to Walmart. Interconnects do not process the EDI data in any way other than routing the communication to and from the supplier.

Approved Service Providers are allowed by Walmart. Service Providers receive application data from the suppliers directly in a flat file format, through a website or via fax. Service Providers translate the data into EDI standard before transmission.

Note: Use of a non-approved third party is a direct violation of Walmart policy and will jeopardize your EDI relationship with Walmart. Walmart does not and will not provide a list of approved service providers. If you have questions if a company is approved or not, please contact Walmart EDI Support for confirmation. If the company is not approved, Walmart can provide the documentation needed for the service provider to become approved. This is not a guarantee that this company will be approved.

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