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Walmart Vendor Portal and AS2 Communication Issues

Walmart Vendor Portal serves for quick and comfortable vendor registration and EDI testing. Walmart Vendor Portal is a successfull solution for enhancing supply and retail processes around the world. To bring its customers the lowest prices and best products possible, Walmart works with suppliers from across the globe. If you’re interested in becoming a product supplier for Walmart worldwide, you should learn more about Walmart Vendor Portal within the bounds of EDI testing.

Walmart Vendor Portal and AS2 Communication FAQs

Can my AS2 certificate have an expiration date further out than five years?

No, Walmart’s AS2 system will only allow for a certificate to have an expiration date of five or less years from its active date.

Can we use a service provider that is not approved by Walmart?

It is possible for a provider that is not approved to become an approved service provider with Walmart. The service provider will need to contact the EDI support desk and will need to begin the process to become approved.

Can we have one service provider do EDI translation and have separate service provider do the AS2 communication?

No. If a Service provider is utilized for trading EDI documents with Walmart the company requires only one provider do both the EDI translation and AS2 communication.

How long can Wal-Mart view my EDI data for?

Walmart mailbox system [ Global Enterprise Mailbox or GEM ] will hold all inbound and outbound data for a maximum of seven [ 7 ] days from the current date. Once the data is purged from GEM, the data is no longer retrievable within GEM.

What is the Vendor Self Testing Portal?

The Vendor Self Testing Portal is a self testing application developed to allow vendors to easily test their EDI transactions with Walmart at their convenience. It also provides a way to easily add additional transactions to a specific vendor.

Which EDI standards are supported by the Walmart Vendor Portal?

The Portal will support X12 version 5010 transactions and EDIFACT.

Can the Portal be used for International Countries?

The Portal can be utilized for the following countries, United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Chile’, and India.

What if I use a 3rd Party EDI Service Provider?

Vendors who use a Walmart approved 3rd Party EDI Service Provider will be required to complete a Vendor Survey, and all necessary steps for “Setup Data”. Then based on conversations held with the EDI Technician, the next steps for testing will be defined.

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