Warehousing EDI solutions

Warehousing EDI Solutions: Increasing Operational Excellence

Warehousing EDI Solutions today are adopted by many companies just like an instrument to comply with partner requirements. Most of companies still use industrial EDI solutions (supply chain, retail) only for few EDI transactions (e.g. Purchase order, Invoice or Advanced Ship Notice). This so called fundamental approach makes you miss the opportunity to get full profit of investing in EDI implementation. However, EDI offers us much more interesting and beneficial things that can increase your company competitiveness.

Integrating warehousing EDI solutions into the company’s warehouse system raises the number of the transactions processed and expands EDI across the company management process. Here are some advantages you get after such adoption:

  1. Process visibility. As you watch the real process of goods movement across the supply chain in your EDI application you can note the gaps in this complicated process. This gives you full understanding of stocking only goods you need and reducing inventory costs by this.
  2. Labor costs reducing. It is a well-known fact that EDI can reduce manual interruption and therefore labor costs. Implementing EDI for warehousing you can trace the supply chain goods movement and make conclusions – which part is weak due to manual processing and how it can become more effective with the use of EDI.
  3. Shipping costs minimization. The next step after implementing warehousing EDI solutions can be EDI integrating with transportation management system. This cooperation can minimize transport expenses and at the same time increase the service quality level.
  4. Customer service improvement. As it is mentioned above, company can seriously benefit form adoption of warehousing EDI solutions. After the internal and external supply chain processes are under control, the workflow is smoother and faster, manual mistakes are reduced, the regular reports are available for easier decision-making, company management can concentrate on improving customer service. We can even say that it was already improved after successful EDI implementation. Company focuses more on its customers and the quality of the service increases.

EDI implementation is not a painful process. EDI Academy provides regular EDI trainings where we help companies’ management and staff deal with EDI easy and effective.

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