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Warehousing EDI Transactions: Keeping Eye On Your Merchandise

Warehousing EDI transactions usage enables managers to watch the real process of goods movement across the supply chain in the EDI application. Exchanging warehousing EDI transactions between trading partners helps to note the gaps in the complicated supply process. Warehousing EDI transactions give full understanding of stocking only goods buyer party needs and reducing inventory costs by this.

940 Warehousing Shipping Order. This EDI transaction is used for advising a warehouse to make/confirm a shipment or to modify/cancel a shipping order sent earlier.

943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice. The transaction set is used by a depositor to advise the recipient that a transfer shipment has been made. This EDI document includes detailed information about products shipped.

944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice. The electronic document confirms shipment receiption by a receiving party. It is sent by a receiving party to a depositor or his agent. Also, it contains the detailed information about the goods received.

945 Warehousing Shipping Advice. Usually this EDI transaction set is sent by a warehouse to a depositor to inform him about the fact that the shipment was made. This document serves to reconcile order quantities with shipment quantities.

947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice. EDI 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice transaction rpvides the details as for a quantity or status change to inventory records. It is sent to a warehouse/depositor. 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice includes detail information as for the internal adjustments between a warehouse and a depositor.

Warehousing EDI Solutions today are adopted by many companies just like an instrument to comply with partner requirements. Most of companies still use industrial EDI solutions (supply chain, retail) only for few EDI transactions (e.g. Purchase order, Invoice or Advanced Ship Notice). This so called fundamental approach makes you miss the opportunity to get full profit of investing in EDI implementation. However, EDI offers us much more interesting and beneficial things that can increase your company competitiveness.

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