Web-based EDI

Web-based EDI Application: Solution That Moves Your Business

Web-based EDI Application enables business partners to exchange EDI transactions (files) using simple web-forms. Today EDI technology stimulates companies to switch from obsolete EDI application to web-based EDI application. In general, many businesses have alternated to web-based format of files exchange because it offers several vivid advantages in comparison to desktop applications. It does not matter what is the size of your company, Web-based EDI Application will be a reasonable solution.

Web-EDI solutions are conducted through an Internet browser via web-forms. Once all the information is added by a user, it is automatically converted into an EDI message and sent via secure Internet protocols such as File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), Hyper Text Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or AS2.

Web-based EDI Application Advantages

No need to install, configure and update EDI software. A user does not need to install and configure EDI software – he only needs to log into his account. Also, the provider of the web-application takes care of all updates and this eliminates manual updates of the EDI software components.

Cost reduction. Usually, most of EDI providers include the software cost in your monthly payment rate. It will be more cost-effective in comparison to purchasing and installing an in-house EDI solution. However, the actual cost saving will be a result of reducing manual interruption, setting-up, configuring etc. desktop applications.

Mobility. Web-based software has one very practical advantage – one can run a business (including EDI processing) from a smartphone. A businessman only needs a mobile device and a web-browser. Specialists can manage EDI transactions and reach all necessary EDI data from any point of the world any time they wish.

Cloud possibilities. Using cloud solutions makes it easy to store EDI software and database in one place with a remote access – this makes tremendous difference. Cloud service makes software lighter, faster and saves place on your computer. It provides secure data exchange 24/7.

Flexibility. Web-based software is quite flexible – you can fix it up to your company needs, whether you have few or hundreds transactions in a month. As new technologies come to the market, it is possible to support large volumes of information in web-based forms.

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