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WebEDI Valeo Advantages

The benefits of WebEDI Valeo and paperless business processes with electronic messages and logistics data is obvious. But what does suppliers think about WebEDI Valeo? Where are the main advantages for them?. Valeo confirms that 50% of the users see an advantage with the same view of the data for supplier and customer. Also 45% have the opinion the mail notification about new messages in WebEDI is a good improvement.

Data exchange Information regarding data exchange generally as well as data exchange with WebEDI Valeo is also important. Valeo asked how many Valeo Plants does the supplier company supply. 71% of the suppliers are exchanging their datas via WebEDI Valeo with more than one plant. So a big advantage for them is to use the same system for different Valeo plants with one single login. Suppliers could receive delivery instruction in different ways, EDI or WebEDI, via email or fax. Concerning exchange methods Valeo asked the suppliers in the survey about the ratio of delivery instructions received for each way of data transmission for all of their Valeo customers. The chart shows that 60% of the suppliers are making 100% of their data exchange in electronic practice. This result shows that the electronic data transfer is an important point in the automotive industry and gives customer and suppliers the opportunity to work in an efficient way. The WebEDI Valeo suppliers were also asked, if they are already working with Classic EDI. 38% of suppliers answered that they are able to work in classical EDI.

Nevertheless they work for Valeo in WebEDI. This could have different reasons. For example they use WebEDI Valeo only for credit notes or stock movements as those messages often could not be handled in EDI from suppliers. 62% of the suppliers do not have an EDI System. Some of them (15%) are dealing with this topic and have the target to start in 2007 or 2008 with EDI. 24% may start later and 23% will never implement those kind of transmission. Especially for Japanese and Chinese suppliers – the usage of EDI is not yet a standard. This result shows the usage of WebEDI for suppliers will be as important as today in the near future.

The new version of WebEDI Valeo includes some new functions, especially for the process delivery and transport data, but also new processes will be provided, like the credit note for consignment. With the migration Valeo also moves to the latest hardware technology, based on VMware (virtual machines). This changes will improve again the response time and the scalability of the system.

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