Wegmans EDI Transmissions

Wegmans EDI Transmissions Utilization Guides

Wegmans EDI Transmissions are recommended for suppliers in order to better facilitate communications between the vendor and Wegmans. The appropriate EDI transactions for each supplier are determined based on replenishment type.

  • Warehouse- 875,856,880 (UCS)
  • Quick response- 850,856,810 (x12)
  • VMI warehouse- 852, 855, 856, 880 (UCS).

The first critical step of successful Wegmans EDI Transmissions is to verify that Wegmans data exactly matches the data in your internal systems (UPC, GTIN, COST, CASE PACK). EDI will not work properly if the data is not in alignment. You can contact your merchandising representative for more information on your item list. Once your data is aligned and you are ready to proceed with EDI at Wegmans, fill out an EDI Request Form and submit to the Wegmans Buyer. Once approved, you will be sent a link to the Wegmans/GXS testing website (NCM) to choose your replenishment type and to test the appropriate transactions.

Important Information regarding Wegmans PO numbers for VMI

Please note that the first two digits of Wegmans PO numbers correspond to the week number, beginning “01” to “52”. The remaining 4 digits are specifically assigned to each vendor and must fit within your assigned sequence to prevent any EDI issues.

Enhanced EDI for Sales Logic EDI Sales Logic 852

Wegmans has the ability to transmit our sales/promotional logic, which is typically faxed to vendors every Monday, via the EDI 852 using the QD segment of the transaction. Wegmans would encourage all of its VMI suppliers to start using this data exchange in place of the faxed report.

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