B2B (Business-to-Business) Relationships

B2B model means a type of business relationships where two companies sell products or services to each other. This model does not refer to companies and end consumers’ relationships (business-to-consumer or consumer-to-business models). B2B may be treated as supportive enterprise relationships between two business to reach the benefits goal, e.g. between manufacturer and wholesaler or a wholesaler and a retailer.

Manufacturing industry sector may be a good example of B2B. To create one product, a company needs many components and parts that are bought from various firms. As the ready product goes to consumer it may be called a result of Business-to-Business relationships. Due to this we may say that B2B processes involve dozens and even hundreds of transactions to get an end-up product.

Business-to-Business model requires careful planning as well as strong account and sales management. Lots of attention must be paid to client relationships development through professional interactions prior to sales. Different marketing approaches may be involved including traditional marketing, digital marketing (web advertising, social-media), communication at exhibitions, print media etc.

Modern Internet technologies provide a productive environment for successful establishment of B2B interaction. Web-sites, online trading platforms, social groups serve as a profound background for products search and further procurement. The art of selling and buying goods is one of the factors influencing on successful Business-to-Business communication. Both parties involved (sellers and buyers) use many tricks to get the best product for the lowest price as well as to sell goods for the best prices. Dealing with executives in B2B practice requires absolute knowledge and communicational skills. Top managers will not waste their time if their partner is not sure in what he speaks about.

Successful Business-to-Business relationship model requires research and being ahead of the competitors. One must be not only well-trained about his company service, but also know the potential partner company well. Companies representatives must be completely prepared for negotiations and presentations if they want to succeed in B2B relationships establishment.

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