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EDI Implementation Guide (Guidelines for business partners)

EDI Implementation Guide is one of the key business documents agreed between parties when starting Electronic Data Interchange cooperation. Before the companies start exchanging EDI data (files, transactions), they should agree a set of rules covering the conditions of Electronic Data Interchange processes, EDI files requirements, standards accepted etc. These rules are gathered in an implementation guide (or companion guidelines).

EDI Implementation Guide is one of the most important documents for EDI business integration. The requirements described in it may include (but not limited to):

  • applied standards
  • requirement for a segment (optional or mandatory)
  • validity of a value in a data element
  • number of a loop or a group usage etc.

This document will be a basic and the most important document for an EDI specialist creating an EDI specification mapping. To avoid further mistakes, all points should be correctly described and agreed in an EDI Implementation Guide.

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