EDI Payment Terms ITD

EDI Payment Terms start on the value provided in the data element ITD02: Terms Basis Date Code

ITD02 (data element 333) is the Code identifying the beginning of the terms period.

In the ITD segment below the value in ITD02 is 2 which means payment terms start on Delivery Date


Complete List of Terms Basis Date Codes

1 Ship Date
2 Delivery Date
3 Invoice Date
4 Specified Date
5 Invoice Receipt Date
6 Anticipated Delivery Date
7 Effective Date
8 Invoice Transmission Date
09 Purchase Order Date
10 Invoice Verification Date
11 Completion And Acceptance Date
12 Approval of Sample Date
13 Approval of Gage Date
14 Quality Approval Date
15 Receipt of Goods
16 Quarter Start Date
ZZ Mutually Defined

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