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Williams EDI Route Vendor Requirements

Williams EDI and Flat File format is changing as a result of the route option. To ensure EDI works, this will require customer testing. Williams strongly recommends that all EDI Shippers and Flat File users participate in testing. Major risk of not testing can cause EDI nominations to NOT validate successfully at the time of implementation.

The ROUTE element will be available in Flat File and EDI X12 with the implementation of the Atlantic Sunrise Project. Transco will work with all EDI shippers to implement changes to the flat file templates and EDI X12. EDI X12 Testing will need take to place for updated changes.

Data Sets to include “Route”

Information input for the Route on the nominations area will be visible in the other data sets listed below.

  1. Nomination
  2. Nomination Quick Response
  3. Scheduled Quantity
  4. Pre-determined Allocation
  5. Pre-determined Allocation Quick Response
  6. Allocation
  7. Shipper Imbalance
  8. Transportation/Sales Invoice
  9. Offer •
  10. Bid
  11. Award Download.

Nominations and Route Option Rules

With three possible routes on the Central Penn Line, Leidy Line, or Mainline, shippers receiving from or delivering to Zone 6 will need to designate their route, if applicable. Route Option will not apply to nominations with Receipts and Deliveries in Zone 1 through Zone 5 or in a Zone 6 area that does not require a route. Route Option will be required if your Receipt/Delivery locations fall in Zone 6 where route options are available.

Directional Routes:

  • Non-CPLS – Transaction moves ON the Mainline or Leidy Line
  • South-CPLS – Transaction moves DOWN the Central Penn Line South to the Mainline
  • North-CPLS – Transaction moves UP the Central Penn Line South to Leidy Line

Code Values to be used with EDI X12 and Flat File: 0 – None, 1 – Non-CPLS, 2 – South-CPLS, 3 – North-CPLS.

Errors for EDI X.12 are returned in the EDI Nomination Quick Response (NMQR) file.

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